Field Theories #6 (excerpt)

FIELD THEORIES (2017, 11 minutes)

A collaboration between Samiya Bashir, keyon gaskin, and Roland Dahwen Wu, FIELD THEORIES is a reimagining of the poetry of Samiya Bashir

"Field Theories wends its way through quantum mechanics to chicken wings and Newports, love and a shoulder’s chill, melding blackbody theory (idealized perfect absorption, as opposed to the whitebody’s idealized reflection) with real live Black bodies. Albert Murray said, “the second law of thermodynamics ain’t nothing but the blues.” So what is the blues of how we treat each other, ourselves, of what this world does to us, of what we do to this shared world? Woven through experimental lyrics is a heroic crown of sonnets that wonders about love and intent, identity and hybridity, and how we embody these interstices and for what reasons and to what ends."

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